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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Girl Who Could Fly

Although this is on the Sunshine State List for grades 3-5, I can really see my middle school students enjoying this book as well. It’s a fun read, and has enough twists and turns to keep it from becoming too predictable.

Summary: Since she was a little girl, Piper McCloud has been different from everyone else, from her very normal parents to her normal neighbors in her normal home of Lowland County. When Piper was a baby, she often hovered over the ground, but she has now learned that she can fly! Although Piper loves soaring through the clouds, her parents just want her to keep her feet on the ground and try to fit in.

When Piper lets her secret out at a community picnic, her parents find their house under assault by the media, all wanting a look at the girl who can fly. In comes an answer: INSANE, a secret school for children with unusual abilities.

The children at INSANE have a variety of powers, ranging from telekinesis to weather control. Piper loves her new school, with its soft blankets, gourmet meals, and new friends. But things aren’t as they seem, and Piper may be in more trouble now than she ever was in her normal home!


Age Appropriateness:
Grades 3 and up

Areas of concern (content):
Foul Language: none
Nudity/Adult Content: none
Violence: mild

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