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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Gift by James Patterson & Ned Rust

Back in July, I wrote a summary/review of Witch & Wizard by James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet. I finished the review looking forward to the next book in the series, which was said to be on its way in October. Well, it is a little late, but worth the wait! The second book, The Gift, will hit stores on December 13 but I was lucky enough to pick up an advance reading copy. Let me tell you, it does not disappoint!

Summary: Whit & Wisty Allgood are still on the run from the New Order and its leader, The One Who Is The One. These two teens have come a long way since they were first taken from their home and parents, since they were first accused of being a witch and a wizard. As crazy as the accusation sounded at first, it has turned out to be more true than anyone could have known.

In this second book of the series, our heroes get to know their enemy better. The One personally takes an interest in the Allgood children, determined to be the only source of power in the world. As Whit & Wisty continue searching for their parents and taking part in a revolution, The One works tirelessly to trap them in his web, using their parents and friends as bait.

As in the first book, Witch & Wizard, the Allgood siblings find themselves using powers they still cannot understand or control to get out of tight scrapes and work to undermine the totalitarian regime that has split their family.

Again, I am left waiting for the next book in the series. Please, Mr. Patterson, don’t take too long!

Freedom & Oppression

Age Appropriateness:
Grades 7 and up

Areas of concern (content):
Foul Language: none
Nudity/Adult Content: none
Violence: Yes, mild.

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