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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reckless by Cornelia Funke

I’ve been a fan of Cornelia Funke since I read The Thief Lord a few years back, but I will admit, some of her books are hit-or-miss for me. So when I was handed a copy of her newest book, Reckless, I was cautiously hopeful. The cover was what caught my attention – an eerie green face staring out of a beautifully framed mirror. So I sat down and read the first few pages. I was immediately drawn in. Unfortunately, it was time for me to get in my car for a two hour drive home. As I was walking out of the convention center, I found the book on CD and joyfully bought it. I listened to two discs on the way home, loving every minute of the story, which I finished reading the next day. I think this is her very best story yet! I was enthralled and can’t wait for the next book. (There must be a next book! Do you hear me, Cornelia Funke? I need more!)

Summary: Jacob Reckless has kept the secret of the world behind the mirror to himself for years; a secret he discovered about a year after his father’s mysterious disappearance – a disappearance that Jacob knows has something to do with this magical world. The mirror world is full of magic and danger; fairies are guarded by unicorns and humans are battling for survival against a race of stone known as Goyl. Jacob himself has survived many dangers in the mirror world and become a respected adventurer and treasure hunter. The mirror world is Jacob’s escape where he explores with his only real friend, Fox.

But one day, Jacob is careless and his younger brother, Will follows him through the mirror. When Will is cursed, Jacob must find a way to save him, even if it means risking his own life to insure that of Will. Things only get more complicated when the girl Will loves also finds the mirror world, giving Jacob two people to protect in a world teeming with intrigue and traps. Add in some dwarfs of questionable character, a fairy in love, and an empress trying to save her people from destruction and you get an action-filled fantasy adventure that will be read cover-to-cover by kids and adults alike.


Age Appropriateness:
Grades 6 and up

Areas of concern (content):
Foul Language: none
Nudity/Adult Content: none
Violence: Yes, not graphic.

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